Thursday, February 25, 2010

KVOL Show Host's New Blog

Afternoon show host, Lou Rom, of KVOL 1330am, has a new blog.

The Rom Report, appears to be a site where Rom will update readers on the topix being discussed on his radio show. Maybe one day, a credible news source in Lafayette that doesn't abide by the Lafayette City-Parish Government outline will thrive, much like how such media thrives in other parts of the state.

Good luck, Mr. Rom.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Downtown Lafayette Business Closes

With a “shot heard round the world”, or at least on the Lafayette IND blog, local Downtown business Jefferson Street Market is closing its doors.

This, just a mere 3 months after its owner, Rob Robinson, fired off an e-mail to City-Parish President Joey Durel, placing sole blame of increased Downtown crime on the bars and nightclubs. Why did Rob Robinson choose to instigate of fight between bar owners and government, only to pack up and run away less than 90 days later?

Can we say, “SHIT STARTER”?

Thanks for stirring the hornets’ nest, Rob, crying about how you’re a Downtown business owner, only to take your ball and go home shortly after.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lafayette De-Consolidation and Bar Tax Debate Continued

The IND blog reports that Lafayette City-Parish attorney Pat Ottinger has given the guidelines for Lafayette citizens to take initiative in voting for de-consolidation of the city-parish government. According to Ottinger, rather than parish voters having to wait on the city-parish council to pass an ordinance allowing the measure to go before voters on the ballot, parish voters can file a petition with the council, then will have to gain signatures from 20 of Lafayette Parish residents within 60 days.

There are differing opinions on how a council vote would shake out. Conventional thinking bets on the ordinance failing, gaining only 5 of the 6 votes needed, with all 4 councilmen whose districts are mostly outside the city of Lafayette voting against.

But Mayor-President Joey Durel has been on radio arguing that de-consolidation would be bad for Lafayette Parish. Is Mayor Durel against de-consolidation? If so, then certainly his lapdog, Don Bertrand, one of the councilmen representing the city of Lafayette, would vote against the ordinance as well, right?

But on the other hand, Mayor Durel and Councilman Bertrand, both Republicans, though certainly not promoters of less government and less taxes, do not care much for the “parish” councilmen, in particular William Theriot and Jerred Bellard. How to fix the problems they cause? Eliminate them.

This also raises another possible issue, at least for the anti-speed camera crowd in Lafayette. If Ottinger’s interpretation is correct, then maybe the anti-Redflex groups should file for a real petition soon as well.

In other news, the bar tax. KVOL drive home show host, Lou Rom, argued yesterday that the restaurants and bars are the driving force behind Downtown Lafayette’s rejuvenation. He pointed out, pretty accurately, that other attempts for a non-nightlife sustainability of Downtown, specifically housing and mixed used developments, have failed.

Can the Downtown Development Authority address this failure with a different strategy? If not, then the anti-bar crowd downtown needs to come to grips that the success of their Downtown business ventures relies solely on the success of the nightlife.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bar Tax & Deconsolidation...with Mayor Durel Driving?

The Lafayette City-Parish Council delayed a vote to repeal the “security levy” tax on Downtown bar owners. Councilman Brandon Shevlin, who represents that portion of Lafayette, proposed an ordinance to remove the security tax.

Downtown business owner, Rob Robison, complained to Mayor Durel that the Downtown bars are responsible for the increase in crime in the Downtown area. Mayor Durel agreed in an e-mail, then defended his stance during his weekly appearance on 105.1 FM KPEL.

Meanwhile, debate within Lafayette Parish continues on whether or not to de-consolidate and do away with city-parish government.

Who’s driving the bus?
Why are Councilmen Kenneth Boudreaux and Brandon Shelvin in the back while Concilman Don Bertrand sits on Mayor Durel's lap? Where are the councilmen who represent the "parish"?