Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cherry Picking on Councilman Shelvin?

The Lafayette INDependent, which is typically anything but independent unless you are a friend of Steve and Cheryl May, ran a very in depth story on Lafayette Parish Councilman Brandon Shelvin and his recent financial troubles.

There is much truth to the story, but is there also speculation? Is he unfit now to manage our tax dollars? He may be.

But what about the campaign finances of other councilmen and the City-Parish President. Are the large contributions from the likes of Allied Waste and other quasi-government/private contractors hindrances to their abilities to property manage our tax dollars?

The Independent, particularly the Mays and Walter Pierce, are anything but independent. It is one thing to show your agenda in the editorial pages, but more and more, the agenda of these elitists types spills over into the actual "news" sections.

One must wonder if the IND is going to use Shelvin's troubles to further push the security fee increase on Downtown bar owners. They sure as hell haven't acknowledged the fact that one of the local non-profits also attracts vast criminal elements.

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