Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lafayette-area Non-Profits Seeking More Efficient Government Funding

Article in the Sunday Advertiser today, written by Amanda McElfesh, explains that non-profit agencies are trying to work out a solution of “more efficient” government funding.

The debate is to whether Lafayette Consolidated Government should appropriate taxpayer money to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can up recently when City-Parish Councilman William Theriot offered up an ordinance to phase out such expenditures over the next three years, dedicating the saved monies to Lafayette Parish police and fire departments.

The ordinance was not popular amongst the agencies, most media and especially the Lafayette "elites". However, many ordinary parish taxpayers seemed to favor the idea of their tax dollars going to only real government entities.

The question now will be: Do the leaders of these NGOs have enough influence over Lafayette Parish Government to forced council members and City-Parish President Joey Durel to favor some sort of constant funding or “endowment” to these agencies, making it easier to continue receiving government appropriations?

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