Monday, July 27, 2009

Trash Debate Continues

Officials from Allied Waste and Lafayette Consolidated Government will give their take on whether garbage collection procedures should be changed during a discussion at Tuesday's City-Parish Council meeting.

Since late March, Lafayette customers have received once-a-week collection through an automated system, complete with new, 96-gallon containers. Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux said he hopes to get answers on how feasible it would be to give at least some residents a second container, as well as if collection could revert to a twice-weekly system. In addition, Boudreaux said he's asked whether a program can be set up for the collection of construction debris.

"I don't know if costs would become a factor or not," Boudreaux said of any possible collection changes. "I realize it's an uphill battle, but I have a lot of optimism that we can come to some type of agreement."

This should be interesting as there seemed to be quite a bit of public opposition to the new city garbage contract Lafayette Consolidated Government signed with Allied Waste last year. A "hurricane emergency" meeting was called last year right before Gustav, during which the contract was approved.

Many city residents complained then about utter lack of government transparency, as well as the fact that the new contract calls for higher fees with only half the service...once-a-week pickups instead of twice-a-week, plus picking up only what is fitted into the issued garbage can.

If you have any thoughts or concerns, please attend the meeting and address the council.

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