Friday, August 7, 2009

Acadia, Iberia, Lafayette & Vermilion Parishes Not Implementing “Career” Diploma

With school starting next week, the Lafayette Parish School System is one of 39 school districts attempting to opt out of a new "career diploma" program. The state Legislature this year passed a law aimed at reducing the dropout rate that calls for high schools to offer students an alternative degree that focuses more on career and technical training. The bill was derided in some education circles as a watering down of academic standards and expectations. State Superintendent Paul Pastorek called it a "dummy diploma."

This is very interesting that Governor Jindal’s Superintendent, Paul Pastorek, does not like the bill, however, the career diploma legislation, pushed in the state legislature by
Rep. Jim Fannin (D-Jonesboro) and Sen. Bob Kostelka (R-Monroe), received rave reviews and support from the Governor’s Administration.

The following school boards in the Acadiana region have thus far voted against implementing the career diploma program:

St. Mary – fall semester

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