Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Being Challenged?

The leadership in the Louisiana Democratic Party has recently become as relevant as the leadership of the state Libertarian Party. No offense to Libertarians, but more of a sad reflection in how far the Democrat leadership has fallen in Louisiana.

The state’s chairman, Chris Whittington, has been the best friend of state Republicans, especially in 2007 with his attempt to create religion during the Louisiana Governor’s race.

Opponents gauge support for La. Democratic chief

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Opponents of Louisiana Democratic Party chairman Chris Whittington are circulating a questionnaire to members of the party's governing committee, an attempt to gauge whether Whittington is vulnerable enough to be replaced.

Whittington, elected to a four-year term as chairman last year, has come under fire as the party suffered losses in last year's congressional races and in 2007 statewide elections. Whittington's most powerful supporter in his 2008 win, then-Agriculture Commissioner
Bob Odom, is no longer in office.

But Whittington said on Wednesday that he's secure in his job. He called the questionnaire "bogus."

Committed Democrats in Louisiana are likely hoping Whittington can by ousted, while Republicans should be praying for a continuance of her reign as state chairman.

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