Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Ignoring Local Businesses?

LETTER: Chamber should define what 'local' really is

You cannot serve two masters. The Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Office Depot, a big- box chain, claiming “local” because it has invested in a local location.

The chamber has bought into this hijacking of the term “local” and it has lent its support to this out-of-town corporation.

Studies show that 87 percent of the money taken in by the chains evacuates our local economy to feed their home office, and never returns.

Entrusted to be stewards of our economy, the chamber chose instead to sacrifice that trust for selfish, self-promotion that their membership fee is worth the investment. They chose to serve their own selfish interest by sacrificing local-owned businesses and injuring our community’s sustainability.

The chamber is simply a lobby group to leverage political influence. They again prove their intention is not to serve our small, locally owned businesses.

Kerry DesHotels
Alliance Director
BuyLocal! A Business Express project

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